a community

is identified

a local liaison

is identified

blank canvases

are installed

watch the

magic happen


art analysts analyze the meaning behind the collaborative painting.

the finished pieces are sold / auctioned at a story-telling event co-run by the community

reinvest the funds to create additional semi-permanent blank canvas set-ups within the community.

We are continuously working to identify communities who might greatly benefit from several semi-permanent blank canvas installations. Please reach out to us at if you believe your community is a strong candidate, and one that will nurture this project.


Help us bring Paint the World™ to the schools identified in these communities. These schools do not have art programs and are in areas with little access to tools that foster creativity. Do you know someone who works in your cities' Dept. of Education? Reach out to us


It's challenging - at times, impossible - for someone in prison to communicate with the outside world. There are piles of untold stories behind bars: unjust treatment, unjust sentences, stories of love and loss. Enabling creative confidence has tremendous power in this context. Do you know anyone who works in the prison system? Please connect us! Email


Can you imagine blank canvases lining the walls of hospital waiting rooms? We can! Hospitals shouldn't be dreary places where moments feel like hours. A collaborative canvas installation reminds us that we're in it together.


When a company installs a Paint the World™ blank canvas installation, they sponsor a semi-permanent collaborative installation in a community of their choice. If you are interested in installing a collaborative blank canvas in your office, please reach out to us. We’d be thrilled to make it happen!


Collaborative canvases typically take a day to be filled up. Conferences and festivals are great venues for utilizing a PTW blank canvas as an activation. Conference/festival hosts can use the image(s) within their marketing materials post-event, and attendees can share on social media platforms. Canvas frames can be made to match your brand. Please contact lets@painttheworld to discuss the possibilities!