If any questions ever arise that aren't included in the below, please reach out to me on slack! I'm always available there :) You can also search through the FAQs by using the search tool below.

I want to be involved. Where the heck do I start!

Fill out this survey and schedule a 1:1 with Bethany. However! Chances are that if you're here, you've already done the above. If you'd like to schedule a general 1:1, use this link instead. If you have any immediate questions, you can always email Bethany directly at or message her on slack here.

Is an ambassador the only way to be involved?

No, but it is truly the gateway to any further involvement. Paint the World is scaling, and if you’d like to be involved in the organization on a greater level, it’s important that you experience the activity at the very core of its existence.

Ok, so how do I make this happen? What exactly do I do?

After you’ve completed this survey and have had a 1:1 with Bethany, you will be added to Paint the World’s slack channel. Introduce yourself! Follow the Steps outlined here, and if you have any questions at all, message Bethany directly via Slack.

How do I raise funds to do this?

Follow the fundraising steps outlined here.

How do I figure out where to set up a blank canvas and how do I go about making it happen there?

A blank canvas can be set up anywhere. They can be put in public places (i.e. parks, any area with fairly high foot traffic), or you can collaborate with a local business owner (i.e. restaurant, cafe, shop, museum), an educational institution, or an office space to house the canvas there. For more ideas, visit this page and to see examples of where they have been, visit this page. The main difference is that, in a public arena, you would likely leave the canvas there during the day (~8 hours) - unless you’re in conversation with a public official that allows you to leave it there overnight. If you collaborate with a private space, then you can leave the canvas there overnight - or for days, weeks, etc. The first step in making any of this possible is reaching out! You can try emailing first (example here), and if you receive no response, go visit the business owner (or school, or hospital) in-person to ask! This might be a process, but it is worth it :) In the end, they will be grateful and appreciative for what you are contributing to their environment.

What if I want to set up more than 1 blank canvas at once? Or have multiple small businesses (or schools, or hospitals) interested?

First off, schedule another 1:1 with Bethany! Paint the World has partnered with an amazing laser-cutting company to manufacture collaborative canvas frames (see examples here). These are a bit more expensive than going to purchase the materials from your local art shop, but they can be reused over and over, and can even be customized!

How will I benefit from participating?

Oh, in so many ways. Pure joy. Understanding. An excuse to engage with your community, while increasing your community’s creative capacity. A chance to make a real difference in the lives of others, and in your community. Yes, Paint the World can also be a resume builder (or you can add it to your Linkedin), but it’s also a project that often gets enthusiastic responses no matter who the audience!

What are my responsibilities as a Paint the World Ambassador?

To follow the steps outlined here, to participate in the community on Slack, and to spread the good message via your social channel of choice! Instagram, facebook, linkedin.

What happens to the finished collaborative paintings?

Photos of finished paintings are sent to a team of Jungian analysts who will provide an unbiased analysis of the pieces. Their metrics involve: the amount of blank space left on the canvas, the amount of time it took to fill the space (keep track of this or film a timelapse video), the colors used, the textures, the symbols, etc. Once you have at least three collaborative paintings completed, we highly recommend planning an art auction with a local restaurant or cafe!

How do I plan a Paint the World auction and what are my options for that?

You can reach out to them via email or go right into the establishment (or perhaps it’s already one that you have a relationship with!). Find some form email examples here. In the past, we have partnered with local restaurants to do a Paint the World themed evening where we had the collaborative pieces set up for display around the restaurant (for a silent auction), a special menu, themed cocktails, and - of course - several blank canvas set-ups around the restaurant for guests to paint on. We have even partnered with local musicians and DJs to liven the atmosphere even further!

How do I get others involved?

Just point them to this survey and tell them to schedule a 1:1!